Amazon Flex – A Flexible Way To Make Cash

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I know this is not true passive income, but I’m all for flexible work especially whilst your passive income portfolio takes off. The most importing thing I must stress is that you do not eat in to your savings. If that means you still have to do some work, then so be it.

It’s hard to get flexible jobs in this day and age, and if any are available they’re quickly snapped up. However, I’ve been exploring these avenues for a friend whom is starting their own online ecommerce shop, whilst also running profit scraper.

Things haven’t quite taken off enough for my friend to leave work completely, due to a large amount of outgoings (such as a mortgage). However, my friend still requires to come out of the 9-5 grind and work in their own time.

So, I’ve discovered Amazon Flex – basically it’s a delivery driver for Amazon. There is no interview process, in fact the whole recruitment process involves downloading an app, and Amazon performing some background checks.

Upon success, Amazon will dis display ‘blocks’ in the Amazon Flex app. These blocks, are basically blocks of deliveries you can choose, along with a fixed price Amazon are willing to pay you for delivering them.

The price includes fuel, and all other expenses – so you must take this into account.

We tested it out, and we had a block for 4 hours for £49. My friend went along to the Amazon depot and picked up all the parcels for the block chosen. The Amazon Flex app gave a designated route to follow (there is some hiccups with this, and if you have local knowledge you may be able to shave some time off). My friend ended up delivering all the parcels in the block in just under 3 hours.

Let’s take a look at the earnings: £49 / 3hrs – (£10 petrol) = £39 profit (£13 per hour). Okay, I agree it’s not the best hourly rate, but it’s nearly double the minimum wage, and has really good flexibility.

I genuinely don’t think that there are many jobs out there that allow this flexibility and earn a decent amount of cash.

The pros

Another added bonus is that Amazon pay weekly, direct to your bank account.

All training is done via online training videos.

Can work when you want.

Your own boss.

The pros

You need to sort out your own tax etc…

Blocks can be competitive, depending how many drivers in your area.

Must have own vehicle (wear and tear).

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