I Went From 0 to £30,000+ In Affiliate Marketing

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After leaving my 9-5 job, I was using a lot of my hard earned savings to support my family and whilst I was learning new skills and getting to grips with things, I seen a lot of my savings dissapear. I started to recoup some of my savings slowly but steadily.

However, it saddened my deeply how much I lost just paying the bills and supporting a family. I started to think back at some of the best successes I’ve had online – and the one that sprung to mind was whilst I was a student at University, I ran a very basic online gambling review site. The traffic was so little, I mean so little that we’re talking single digits visitors a day, but this never stopped some of the big boys in the industry contacting me, eager to get listed on my website.

Funnily enough, I had one brand paying me £300 a month just to sit at the top of my ‘top gambling sites’ list. The conversions were very low… but the brand was still eager to pay me to make sure they sit on the number one top spot.

One interesting part of this story is that, one of the very few users that did covert, is still playing to this day and I’m getting paid about £10-£20 passive income per month, for about ten years now.

So, my plan was to work on setting up a new gambling site, and throw some time and effort in to making a real go at it. I did, and within just over months I turned in over £30,000 cash. If this didn’t work as well as it did then, I wouldn’t be here today, I’d be in some 9-5, grinding my ass off. This was the break I needed.

My highest earning month was over £25,000 from combined casinos and the most I earned in a day was just over £2,500.

I’ll explain how I did this, but excluding all the marketing and tech stuff, I’d say it was mainly down to a lot of perseverance and a bit of luck, ok a lot of luck…

Any post that posts such claims about making this type of cash needs to back it up (luckily I was so happy with the results as going from a normal 9-5 wage to making this type of cash, I couldn’t help but take pictures to brag to family and friends – sorry), so I’ve uploaded some screenshots of my Neteller account and from my affiliate account directly below:

This is an interesting screenshot from one of my most successful campaigns, it actually shows the a casino that the players seemed to have either found a glitch or a little loophole that the casino have lost over £12,000 (winnings) + £13,000 (user deposits) + £25,000 (paying me for them customers).

As you can probably imagine this deal never lasted more than a few months because the players seemed rather savvy, and they never ended up paying me a further £7,000 from when the deal was cut short just a week in to the month. However, you lose some and win some and within the gambling industry this is a common occurrence sometimes and it comes with the territory.

Losing out on this cash early on would be enough to demotivated people, but luckily it never came at this stage for me.

I was so motivated with my earnings that I geeked out my raspberry pi to send a SMS to me every time someone completed an offer and I had cash. This never worked for all offers, but it was such a motivation to wake up to see that you’ve already earned a few hundred quid whilst you were asleep.

Gambling Affiliate Options

Right, there is three paths you can take in the gambling niche: CPA, Rev Share & Hybrid. I think most of the big players will choose rev share and frown upon anyone who doesn’t choose this. Whilst most new comers looking to make a quick buck, will choose CPA or people who haven’t quite decided what to choose will go with Hybrid.


For most people starting out CPA is going to be the choice of many, the CPA deals are ridiculous such as for every user you get to deposit £5 they will pay you £160! It just shows how much a user is worth, or how much they’re likely to spend.

You’re likely to run into problems if the casino or sports betting site aren’t seeing a return for the CPA, and may cut your deal down. It’s true that some brands couldn’t give one and just want to see numbers coming in, which will work in your favour. There is also a higher chance the brand won’t pay out your commission.

Rev Share

I’d suggest rev share to anyone who’s got some income coming in already, and is looking for a long term income source. But, don’t forget that if someone wins thats signed up via you – that then could wipe out your monthly earnings from that brand.

Also, if you’re on a negative carry over that could also eat into your earnings for months to come. I’m always scared with rev share that they can decide to shut down shop (after you’ve invested months in getting all new customers), take a look at what Sky are doing here. The other option they can do is they can just decide not to pay – it happens so often within this niche, and they can come up with any excuse thy want.

Users can expect to earn from 25% – 60% of your users losses, take into account some users will win and some will lose but jus hope that they lose more than they win and you’re good.


Hybrid deals are kind of geared up for people who want the best of both. They pay both a CPA amount and a rev share. However, expect both rev share and CPA amounts to be less. It’s a good safe option for many, but it does not exempt you from the risks of none paying brands or rogues.

The choice is yours and will all depend on your own requirements and long term goals, whichever option you take is lucrative in this niche.

How To Attract Players

This is a dog eat dog industry, and dodgy methods are often practised by those earning 6 figure sums. It’s important your ahead of the game or at least current.

For me, what personally worked for me was setting up a simple WordPress blog (you can see how to set up a blog here in this article: How To Set Up A WordPress Blog). Although, don’t expect to set up a blog, leave it there and to start making money from it – it’s not going to happen, time, hard work and perseverance is needed.

There are many ways you can market your blog, but I knew I probably couldn’t compete with the big guns in Google as they were already making tons of cash and had big budgets. So, what I did is decided to target a niche in the gambling industry, in this case it was the matched betting niche.

I had some really good write-ups about casinos, not just reviewing them but I went in detail explaining the bonus, and the probability of coming out with cash (most commonly called EV+). Unfortunately, I couldn’t outsource these, as it’s hard to find a writer that knows such a niche segment of the industry.

What I did next, was as simple as posting in these matched betting forums my guides and probability of users walking away with a profit from the bonus. Just to note, my guides wasn’t BS, they were accurate and if they were not this method would have not worked.

So, I had so many people going to my site to read the guides, I was giving them for free and most was making money from. The beauty of this, they all signed up through my link!

The downside of this, most won causing the accounts to be negative and thus the deals not lasting anymore than a few months. If this was a rev share deal, I would of not made a single penny. However, as this was a CPA deal I profited tremendously.

I didn’t tell anyone, anything illegal I should add. All that I told people was if they were to take the bonus and for example played a slot that had a high RTP (return to player), the chances are they’d walk away with a bonus – along those lines.

There is tons of calculators and such freely available on the internet, but the key was I was doing the work for people and packaged it up in a nice little guide. I was getting some positive feedback on forums too, which just made more users want to read my guides. It had that viral effect on a niche forum!

The key here is, you don’t have to spend tons of cash on marketing. You can just think a little outside of the box and you can achieve great things. Yes, I’ll admit that I did not know this was going to work, and after the first £100 I made I did not know it was going to be as successful as it were – luck has a big part to play admittedly.

Another great tip, is to capture the users email address – this is crucial, as you know how much one CPA is worth to you. You could easily email the user another offer a few days later. This is like printing your own money, and in the gambling industry you don’t need big numbers to turn in big sums either.

Taking calculated risks, are key – the only thing I could of lost if were not successful was my time. However, think about what I could have not gained, should I have not tried.

How To Get Started?

There are thousands of brands out there eagerly awaiting you to promote them, and you can spend hours and hours finding them. Two great, third party sites I started to use are:

Why choose to work through a third party site? well, they’ve already cut good deals with the brands. Theres less chance you won’t get paid and the convinces of applying for many brands through one portal. You don’t know how frustrating it is signing up to tens of new brands each day. Not to mention, you’ll be working with just one affiliate manager instead of tens.

I hope this guide has given you some insight or helpful tips to get started, and if there are any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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