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It’s no secret that you can make money from having your own blog, but what about when you decide to move on? Can you sell your website for some cash? of course you can…

My Website Sales History

Admittedly, I’m not one of the big boys out there. However, I do have some experience in selling websites.

Sale #1

In fact, I’ve been doing this for many years. The first time I built a small piece of software that allowed webmaster’s to host their own lyrics website. I had a fair few sales, and I was only 16 or 17 at the time – unfortunately the warez sites got hold of it and it was spread around like wild fire.

It was good for publicity, and the sites traffic jumped tremendously, but mostly from users who downloaded it illegally, now wanting support.

I decided I wanted out, and I explained this in my sales listing on Flippa. I was so chuffed that I made my first sale and I come out with around 18 months of my average net profit (I think it was around $5,000 USD). At such a young age I felt like an internet tycoon, but in fact I was still a small fish in a big pond.

Sale #2

I started another website a few years later. I was heavily involved a niche that involved completing offers, and referring friends to do the same. For example, you needed 50 friends to signup for a love film trial and you received an Apple MacBook – there was a wide range of gifts you choice choose, but you get the picture.

After exhausting friends and family I needed to find more streams of people to complete the offers. I decided on a simple blog. The hard thing about this, is your trying to promote something thats offering a free iPhone to people for not much work. It’s a hard sale, but I managed to rank first in Google for some competitive keywords such as ‘Free iPhone’ on and Good luck trying to do that today!

Unfortunately this is the best screenshot I have of my rankings:

The traffic it was getting was not bad either:

I had around 7,000 people signup, but only about 200 complete the offer. 200 x £20 equals around £4,000 within a few months.

The niche started to lose momentum and I wasn’t making as much cash. Eventually, I decided to sell the site, making $3,000. Not bad, but realistically I should of monetised my list of 7,000 users. Looking back, a big mistake on my behalf.

I’ve sold tons of other websites too, but there just a a handful that I can reference. The key here is that as soon as you start making money on your website, you have two choices. Keep the website, build on it and ensure that you can make a good amount of profit each month.

The other option, being sell and pull out a good few months earnings – but the key to selling, is ensuring you then go on to reinvest that cash.

Some people actually make a good business by buying websites that have yet to be monetised, but have good traffic. Then, testing some ads or affiliate links and as soon as it starts making money, you’re in the business! It’s called flipping, and you can make a lot of cash from it.

Although, if you don’t know what you’re doing it’s easy to buy some real rotten tomatoes. It’s best to start small, and understand your niche, before growing.

If you want to sell your website, first you’re going to need to have a website/blog in place. You can look at my article on how to create a blog post, which should get you started. You’re then going to need to ensure your website/blog is bringing in some sort of profits. Most beginners will choose Google Adsense, but please consider a good affiliate program to boost profits.

When you have generated say 6 months income from your blog, and as long as you can back that up, then you’re ready to sell (if you wish).

Selling your website should be fairly easy, but don’t over estimate what it’s worth (nor should you under estimate it). Generally speaking a website is worth 12 to 18 months of the average net profit over the last 6 – 12 months (depending on age). A buyer make take into account and sharp decreases in profits, especially if it’s the previous month.

You can head over to and sell your website with ease. The fee’s are not, but a bit of a pain for smaller websites – but theres still profit to be made.

I’d suggest selling to verified members, or members who have some previous feedback. There are also other places to sell, even eBay. However, is probably the largest and best platform for selling websites, domains and apps.

You’ll get the best price on if you provide evidence of income and, give access to Google Analytics. Explaining any drops or increases in traffic is a must too – as these can put a buyer off, or at least make them wary. If the website makes money from anything other than Google Adsense, then explain that – but don’t give too much information so that others can replicate.

I’d highly recommend having a look at, seeing how some auctions pan out and get an idea of prices things sell for on there.

It’ worth pointing out that this method doesn’t become passive income, until you understand what you’re doing – and when you do, you can then outsource the whole procedure. Although, I may need to make a future post about how I find reputable people to outsource the work to.

Just on a final note: if you believe the website has the potential to make more money than you’re currently making, then don’t sell it (or at least not yet).

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